Climate Ride California 2013:Day 0

Our journey began today as we met at awesome eco-conscious Sports Basement for registration near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I greeted many returning riders who I’ve met on my past two NYC-DC rides and made tons of new friends (some of which I “knew” from Facebook!). Hi to my teammate, Abe! 🙂


We meandered up the coast, with most riders in two charter buses. A couple of us rode with volunteers in vehicles due to space constraints. It was a fun afternoon filled with awesome conversation getting to know Andrew better (CR Ride Manager and Excel Wizard) and meeting a new ride leader volunteer, Michelle, who has had some amazing life experiences leading rides and training staff at Backroads. She just graduated grad school and had some down time and decided to volunteer for CR three days ago and here she is!

Our lunch stop was at the incredible Solar Living Institute which had hands-on displays of solar technologies, bicycle powered blenders, water conservation systems, and composting toilets. And this being wine country and all, there was an organic vineyard providing free wine tasting for climate riders!



Once we arrived at camp, my mountainman of a brother and my sister-in-law arrived to spend some much-wanted family time together! It’s been 25 months since I’ve seen them!!!! We set up camp and then made our way to dinner at the first organic brewery in the US, The Eel River Brewing Company. All of the volunteer staff were introduced and cheered for the amazing support they will provide to us to keep us safe and our bikes functioning, and the two teams who raised the most were awarded CR pint glasses filled to the brim with organic brew. After a delicious meal, we made our way back to camp, Justin, Trish and I giggled in the tent about silly movies we enjoyed (Napoleon Dynamite being a Hunt family favorite) and now we are all snuggled up in our sleeping bags. I am so grateful to my siblings for making the looong trip down to see me off!



It’s time to catch some Z’s before the totally epic portion of our ride begins tomorrow! As I lay here listening to the quiet night of Northern California, I’m thinking of the 75+ people who have made this 3rd Climate Ride possible for me. You know who you are, you generous donors! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the honor of representing you on this ride. I am grateful for your support of the vital work of Citizens Climate Lobby and Renewable Energy Long Island. And if you’ve been meaning to donate, it’s not too late!


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2 responses to “Climate Ride California 2013:Day 0”

  1. Erica says :

    Godspeed, Ashley. I’m doing the NYC-DC ride for the first time this year. Looking forward to your reports.

  2. Linda Eddy says :

    Ashley – you are truly one amazing person and I am honored to know you… Sending much positive energy and blessings to you and all that are riding – can’t wait to hear first hand of your adventure when you return!

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