T-Minus 6 Days to Climate Ride California!

By this time next week, I will have completed Days 1 and 2 of Climate Ride California! I’ll have pedaled about 125 miles so far and I’m sure my legs will be burning.

In the past week I’ve done a lot of things to prepare physically and mentally for this epic challenge.

Yesterday I did my last training ride before California with alum from Climate Ride NYC-DC 2012. Thanks to Abe, Alix, Brendan, Julie, and Mikelle for joining me from the 79th St Boat Basin up to Nyack to get in one last ride! We had a delicious brunch/lunch at the ever-popular Runcible Spoon.

The gang after brunch at "The Spoon"

The gang after brunch at “The Spoon”

Somewhere south of Piermont...

Somewhere south of Piermont…

Elevation gain of over 9,000 feet!

Elevation gain of over 9,000 feet!

I have also spent several hours over the past few weeks learning how to disassemble and pack my bike (and put it back together!) so that I can take it as checked luggage on my flight. I’ve practiced the process three times, so I hope I’m able to do this all independently in CA!

Ruby, deconstructed.

Ruby, deconstructed.

Packing my bike

Packing my bike

There’s still a lot to do before I fly out on Thursday, but yesterday’s training ride made me even more excited for Climate Ride California to start! I guess you could say that I’m California Dreamin’ and I think my teammate Abe is too!

Team reLI on our last training ride before heading to Cali

Team reLI on our last training ride before heading to Cali! The GWB is in the background. We’ll attempt a similar photo on the west coast with the Golden Gate Bridge!

If you’ve been meaning to contribute to my fundraising to support the work of Citizens Climate Lobby and Renewable Energy Long Island, you can still do so here: http://bike.climateride.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=1992


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4 responses to “T-Minus 6 Days to Climate Ride California!”

  1. Renard Moreau says :

    [ Smiles ] A nice picture of happy cyclists!

  2. Tim Frick says :

    Looks like a great training ride. Just completed my last pre-California training ride as well. See you and Abe in just a few days!

    • ecoash says :

      I can’t wait! And now that I did 9,000 ft elevation gain and survived, I think I can totally handle the CA ride. Slow and steady spinning wins every time! (And Clif Shot Bloks help too!) 🙂

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